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International Programs of the Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute Tailor-made courses

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute provides the opportunity to design immersive Cultural and Artistic experiences in Spain, which will enhance your creativity, artistic vision and insight on contemporary Spanish Society.

For Organizations and Institutions

We offer academic packages that seek a personalized option for their students and faculty. Credit or non-credit programs can be developed year-round for groups of all sizes and students of all ages, drawing on elements from our programs.

For Senior Long-Life Learners

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute offers a wide variety of exciting and enriching arts based cultural experiences in Madrid for whose previous professional obligations might have prevented them to dedicate time to their creative side.

These unique and dynamic offerings give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish Culture through hands-on learning and community interaction.


Our tailor-made programs aspire to provide a meaningful experience to students and faculty that will inspire them to continue to explore the world around them through hands-on study and interaction. Traditional and contemporary subjects are taught with creative, hands-on and culturally immersive methods, thereby stimulating faculty and students to become more engaged in their academic and overall experience.

All participants will gain an expanded worldview through our commitment to cultural immersion, community engagement and hands-on learning.


Your program can be designed using a number of resources, services and educational experiences. We are at your disposal to make recommendations and collaborate in order to design the best possible program for your students and objectives.

What to consider when designing a program:

What is the theme of my program?

The city of Madrid and the nearby World Historical Sites of Toledo, Segovia, San Lorenzo de El Escorial and La Granja represent an endless source of inspiration for art lovers, artists and educators.

There is no limit to what you can do and learn in Madrid: Immersive and experiential courses on photography, Spanish Art, plein air Drawing & Panting, Spanish Fashion, the Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen Collections, Spanish Gastronomy, Spanish Architecture, Arts Management, Madrid´s Contemporary Art Galleries, Spanish Music, Theater, Flamenco Dance, etc.

Share your objectives with us to help you find the best possible program suited to your needs and travel options.

Alcázar de Segovia

What kind of program do I want to develop?


A program where a faculty member supervises the participants as an advisor or program leader but does not teach a faculty-led course on-site. The faculty represents their home institution and are responsible exclusively for their own students. Participants may be either students of, or enrolled through, the faculty member's home institution.

Faculty-led collaborative program

A program where a faculty member designs and participates in the program as an instructor. The faculty represents their home institution and teach a course on-site exclusively to their own students. Students take one class with their accompanying faculty member(s) and one class with Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute.

Art, Food & Culture

Academic programs that are offered on a for credit and non-credit basis which explore a variety of Spanish Art, food and culture topics. These programs can be tailored for adult professionals, Long Life Learners, and students of all levels.

When can I take the program?

Programs can be hosted at any time of the year. Summer programs are held during our 2-, 3-, and 4-weeks sessions in the summer (from mid-June to the end of July). Programs may also be held during January intersession, in accordance with the fall/spring session dates, as well as according to customized dates collaboratively developed with the Special Programs Department.

Antonio López - Puerta del Sol, Madrid

How many students will participate?

This depends on the financial parameters and academic objectives of the home and receiving institutions. In general, 12-15 students are needed for a program to run.

What are the housing options?

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute offers a variety of housing options for students and faculty through Residencias Nebrija. Housing is normally arranged in dorm accommodation in the city Center historical center, however, depending on availability as well as in hotels.

These options depend on the length and type of program, time of year and budget.

San Lorenzo del Escorial - Madrid

How much will the program cost?

The cost of the program depends on a number of elements and the combination of services chosen according to the financial limitations and academic objectives of the institutions, or groups. Seasonality according to tourism in Madrid may also impact the cost.

What will be the academic content of the program?

This will depend on the academic needs of the home institution and if the program is for credit or not for credit. The program may include, but not be limited to: traditional credit courses, classes, lectures, guided visits and workshops. Some programs may benefit from the inclusion of field learning, experiential learning and/or service-learning coursework.

What other elements will my program include?

Students and faculty will have full use of all Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute facilities including computer labs and printing facilities, WIFI internet connection in all Nebrija University buildings & dormitories, free access to the library, as well as having the full support of our department for arrival orientation, counseling and advising and access to our full program of extracurricular cultural activities.

de Tapas en Madrid

Additional services that can be incorporated into the program to complete the educational and cultural experience include:

  • Meal plan units
  • Field Learning activities
  • Facilitated arrivals and housing check-in
  • Spanish Language lessons
  • Health Insurance if requested

Write us!

Please write to for any questions related to faculty-led and customized programs.