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International Arts Summer Camp in Madrid for High School students (10th, 11th or 12th grade students and recent graduates)

Rigorous, fun and enriching pre-college arts experiences for high school students interested in exploring creativity through artistic practice.

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute offers a unique international experience to practice a variety of artistic disciplines in a university setting in Madrid, a safe, friendly and lively city, known for its immense artistic and cultural heritage.


The best international Pre-College artistic experience in Madrid

FOR WHOM: High School students
DURATION: 2 weeks
WHEN: From June 16 to 30, 2024

Our Summer Camp is destined for art-minded, creative and curious High School students who are interested in developing their creativity and artistic vision.

Our methodology, through a variety of fun and hands-on activities, is focused on enhancing Student´s creativity and critical thinking.

Students will be at all times, 24/7, assisted, guided, supervised and led during their stay in Madrid.

We can offer your group Flexibility in the course’s dates, length of the program and language of instruction.

Summer Camp activities

Creative Drawing and Painting

Through this activity, Students will grow as artists, experimenting with brushes, color and variety of materials.

Regardless of their experience, students will learn to use drawing and painting as a tool for visual and emotional thinking. They will enjoy creating and using their imagination in a privileged natural environment. Students will paint and draw from life, in the studio and outdoors, focusing on the landscape and the human figure.

Activity learning outcomes

  • Develop drawing and painting skills as means of self-expression.
  • Develop visual literacy skills.
  • Learn how to explore space and forms through line and color.
  • Be exposed to different painting and drawing techniques.
  • Build a strong College portfolio.
Velázquez Instituto Nebrija

Character Design: Gods and Myth at the Prado Museum

Through this activity students will learn about the fascinating deeds of the heroes and gods of classical mythology through the masterpieces of the Prado Museum. Students will develop a personal artistic project, designing an original character, or scene, based on what they have discovered at the Prado Museum.

In this activity students will learn how to interpret and make their own, the great classical myths, an endless source of inspiration for many artists, from Rubens, Titian or Goya, to Marvel and Disney today. Students will have the opportunity to sketch at the Prado Museum!

Activity learning outcomes

  • Improve drawing and analytical skills to design expressive, dynamic and compelling characters.
  • Learn about the fascinating deeds of the Heroes and Gods of Classical mythology through the Prado Museum masterpieces.
  • Develop a personal artistic project based on the Prado Museum Mythological paintings.
  • Build a strong College portfolio.
Summer Camp Instituto Nebrija

Madrid movin´body

This group activity is an intuitive and creative journey in the territory of the stage and the audiovisual (mobile format). Students will link dance, theater and video as a look that also dances with the image.

During this activity, Students will use their bodies and their mobile phones as a creative medium to explore new forms of storytelling and different ways to experience and discover the elements and spaces of Madrid.

Activity learning outcomes

  • Identify the parts of the body to create a basic awareness of their expression and movement, and use them to the development of a performance in an urban space.
  • Acquire knowledge about the performativity of the gesture to perform the city of Madrid through video, music and art.
  • Create a differentiated and integrated personal discourse with others.
  • Build a strong College portfolio.
Summer Camp Instituto Nebrija

Spanish Fashion Culture

This activity aims to expose Students to the connections between fashion, art, music, film and popular culture, through the rich past and multicultural present of the city of Madrid.

Spanish designers such as Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Pertegaz or Mariano Fortuny have marked the history of international fashion.

Students will develop their own aesthetic and creative vision drawing invented fashion figures based on their experiences and feelings of being in Spain.

Activity learning outcomes

  • Students will explore their own aesthetic and creative vision through the lens of past and present-day Madrid.
  • Students will focus on drawing techniques applied to the making of fashion figures.
  • Build a strong College portfolio.
Summer Camp Instituto Nebrija

Art History Summer in Madrid: From Antiquity to contemporary Art

This activity provides an exceptional, fun and interactive learning experience that  will immerse Students in the major Artists, cultural movements and Masterpieces that have shaped the History of Western Art, with special attention to the importance of Spanish Art in its development.

Students will be guided from Antiquity to the latest tendencies of Contemporary Art, following a timeline through Madrid Art’s Collections, in private and public art institutions such as the Archaeological, the Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen Museums, as well as Madrid’s most important contemporary art galleries.

An exciting journey through art, human expression and history that will provide students with a repertoire of references and a deep understanding of art and its importance to society.

Activity learning outcomes

  • Identify the major cultural movements, works of art and artists that have shaped the History of Western Art.
  • Deepen their understanding of the importance of Spanish Art in the international art scene.
  • Broaden knowledge of art history through direct observation to develop visual literacy and professional skills.
  • Explore Madrid’s cultural and artistic heritage art as an example of cultural management that highlights art as a value for society.
Summer Camp Instituto Nebrija

Painting, drawing, character design, dance, video, art history!

Two-week program designed to inspire, cultivate and enhance high schoolers creative minds and souls. 

Certificate of completion
All participants will obtain a Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute’s Certificate and a recommendation letter from the professor.

We can help you find your program through a personal interview!

Day trips and guided visits during the Nebrija Summer Arts Camp

visita Arts Camp
visita Arts Camp
visita Arts Camp

Students will enjoy together guided visits outside Madrid, where they will discover and learn about  Medieval and Roman Spain in Toledo and Segovia..

They will also have the opportunity to explore Madrid, accompanied by their teachers, and discover its great Museums, such us The Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Reina Sofía or The Royal Palace, as well as the vibrant and most popular neighborhoods in the city like Gran Vía, Malasaña or Retiro.

Accommodation and meals during Summer Arts Camp

The students will stay at the Augustinus Nebrija Residence

Located in the central university area of Moncloa. A neighborhood full of life, green areas and stores.
The perfect starting point to explore everything Madrid has to offer.

Students will enjoy full board and a single room equipped with cable internet, individual bathroom and telephone in the Colegio Mayor Augustinus Nebrija, in Madrid.

The Residence has 24-hour security access and surveillance cameras. A member of the Institute's staff will always be physically present at the Residence Hall to assist, help and accompany students.

The common areas have Wi-Fi, game and TV rooms, chill out, gym, cafeteria, ping-pong area, library, study and work rooms, computers and laundry.

The Life Sciences Campus in La Berzosa, a privileged environment where art happens

All art programs are taught simultaneously in the workshops of the Campus of Life Sciences and Nature in La Berzosa, located in the middle of nature, just 20 minutes from the center of Madrid, generating an enriching environment of creativity for students of different specialties, who will learn from each other. Students from different disciplines will also develop joint projects.

Campus de Ciencias de la Vida y la Naturaleza en La Berzosa

Prepare your college portfolio in Madrid

If you are thinking about studying art at University, through this program you will be able to prepare a quality portfolio for your admissions interview, including the projects and work done during the course.

You will also get the chance to know a university from the inside, since the summer arts program is taught at the La Princesa and La Berzosa campuses of the Nebrija University in Madrid.

All art programs are taught simultaneously on the same dates, generating an enriching environment of creativity for students from different specialties, who will learn from each other and will have the opportunity to work in projects with students from other disciplines.

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