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University students

Specialize your art in Spain while obtaining university credits

Studying abroad should be an unforgettable part of your university degree and your life. At Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute you will have the opportunity to broaden your artistic education through a unique art itinerary in Madrid.

An enriching experience to grow professionally, get university credits, meet people from all over the world and learn about Spanish art and culture.

Art itinerary

This course is designed for students who want to live one semester studying in a prestigious program in arts, while taking part in the everyday life of a Spanish academic environment at Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute.

The program offers 3 art core courses for specialization 2 more electives courses to choose from different subjects related to Spanish language, grammar, literature, history, art and other disciplines.

3 art courses to broaden your artistic academic background through a transversal insight in contemporary art market and visual art.

1. The Contemporary Art Market

This course provides students with a comprehensive insight on the Contemporary Art Market, which will complement and professionalize their artistic education. Through a hands-on and on-site study of Madrid´s Contemporary Art Scene, Students will learn how the Contemporary Art Market is structured, and operates in a global scale.

2. Collaborative Innovation in Socially Engaged Art

In this course, students will learn and apply design thinking methods to develop socially engaged art concepts, ideas and projects.

Through this hands-on contemporary art class, students will learn a structured approach to idea generation, exploration and development, to create socially engaged art. A type of art that is collaborative, addresses political issues, engages directly with audience, and is often created outside institutional structures of the art market.

Students from different fields will experience group creativity and team-based design by using techniques from across the disciplines of business, theatre, design and art practice.

3. Studio Drawing Practice: Remixing the Prado Museum

The rigorous path to artistic excellence must assimilate and build upon knowledge of the achievements already attained throughout art history.

Combining direct observation from the greatest artists at the Prado Museum with knowledge of historical drawing, students will outdo their current drawing skill level and will gain particular insights into their method, artistic choices, and use of materials.

Comprehensive course catalog

Courses in English

  • Spanish Art & Culture
  • Business and Management
  • Liberal Arts

Courses in Spanish

  • Spanish Art & Culture
  • Business and Management
  • Liberal Arts
DATES: February - May
September - December
LENGTH: 14 weeks
PLACE: Madrid
TEACHING HOURS: 45h per course
CREDITS: 6 ECTS / 3 US credits

For European students. Many different countries and universities have bilateral agreements or arrangements with ERASMUS Universidad Nebrija. Credits are validated and recognized within the ECTS system.

For colleges in other regions of the world (Canada, United States, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, etc.) Credit transfers or validations of courses completed at the Center for Hispanic Studies can be done through bilateral agreements signed between the student's home university, and Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute.