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Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute Campus Life

Our students will enjoy nature in the Sierra de Guadarrama at the Berzosa Campus as well as the vitality of Madrid at the Madrid-Princesa Campus.

Madrid-Princesa Campus

Campus Princesa

The Madrid-Princesa Campus is made up of a group of historic buildings built in 1906 by the Army to house its Historical Archive.

Located in the center of Madrid and consolidated as the main campus of Nebrija University, it houses the Faculty of Languages and Education, the Faculty of Communication and Arts, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Higher Polytechnic School.

Life Sciences Campus in La Berzosa

Campus Berzosa

The Life Sciences Campus in La Berzosa is made up of four teaching buildings and a main building, which used to be the former Ruíz-Giménez Residence, the current headquarters of the Rector's Office.

It is located in the natural environment of the Madrid town of Hoyo de Manzanares, 20 minutes from the city.


Augustinus Nebrija Residence Hall

Located in the central university area of Moncloa. A neighborhood full of life, green areas and stores.

Students would enjoy full room and board and an individual room equipped with cable internet, individual bathroom and phone at Augustinus Nebrija Residence Hall, in Madrid.

Augustinus Nebrija
Augustinus Nebrija
Augustinus Nebrija
Augustinus Nebrija

The Residence Hall has 24-hour access security and camera surveillance. For high school students, a Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute staff member will always be physically present at the Residence Hall to help, assist and accompany the students.

The common areas have Wi-Fi, game and TV rooms, chill out, gym, cafeteria, ping-pong area, library, study and work rooms, computers and laundry room.