Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute has the purpose and mission of improving and enriching people's lives through Art and artistic creation, while at the same time highlighting the value of the Spain's Artistic and Cultural Heritage.

We reinforce the Nebrija University's commitment to artistic education, while promoting the enjoyment of Madrid as an artistic and cultural destination for art students of any discipline.

Through artistic practice in its multiple disciplines, we promote the development of our students' creativity, while generating and sharing positive and transformative experiences.

We bring art and artistic practice to other audiences and groups through a wide range of courses, both online and in person, in different disciplines.


Programas del Nebrija  Arts and Humanities Institute

From Spain to the World

  • English speaking short courses, summer and Study Abroad programs for high school and university students.
  • Cultural experiences in Spain by prestigious artists and academics.
  • Madrid as a preferred destination in Europe for international art students.

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Programas del Nebrija  Arts and Humanities Institute

Specialization Programs

  • Ongoing learning throughout the year.
  • With the best specialists in the education field.
  • Workshops with renowned artists.
  • Aimed at a public/target that needs flexibility in scheduling and training.

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Programas del Nebrija  Arts and Humanities Institute

Tailor-made Courses

  • In collaboration with foreign institutions and universities.
  • Madrid as a great educational resource and center for contemporary artistic creation.
  • Transversal artistic training based on entrepreneurship.

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Discover its great artistic and cultural heritage

Madrid offers every art lover, artist, student, curious, professional or amateur, the best painting collections in the world, a rich and varied heritage, both in the city and its surroundings, and an exuberant creativity.

Discover Europe’s new art capital!
Detalle de Las Meninas - Velázquez
Carla Hendra

Carla Hendra

Vice president, Ogilvy Group
President Ogilvy Consulting


“As we look at the world around us, one thing I am very sure of is that the world needs more creativity, more understanding of art and more support in these fields.
Starting this process with young lives is perhaps the greatest priority. I can see that with Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute, students will have a unique opportunity to foster their creativity, discover the greatest artists of Western Art at the Prado Museum and also enjoy one of Europe’s most vibrant capital cities, the fantastic city of Madrid. ”

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