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Testimonials from Professionals about the Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute

Thomas Germano

Thomas Germano
Artist and Professor of Art & Art History

“Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute programs are exactly the type of program I recommend for art students who wish to study art abroad in Europe!

I’ve personally conducted dozens of study abroad programs throughout Europe for American college students since 1994. For independent students and teacher-led study abroad, Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute offers an art-centered summer institute offering affiliation with a major University, central location in the heart of Madrid, highly qualified instruction, and custom designed field trips to art sites throughout Spain.

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute has constructed the ideal study abroad program for art students at the advanced high school and college levels, catering to students who wish to become immersed in a memorable learning experience with access to world class art museum collections.”

Richard L. Edelson, MD

Richard L. Edelson, MD
Richard L. Edelson, MD
Aaron and Marguerite Professor and Chairman
Department of Dermatology
Yale University School of Medicine

“I am confident that, through Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute, students, artists, and amateurs like me broadly fascinated in Art & Humanities, will enjoy a lifelong learning experience.

Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute will provide a fast track along which to learn how to look at art and understand how it contributes to create a better future.

I fell under Pablo Alvarez de Toledo´s captivating spell while in Madrid and will be his admirer from that day forward.

As a professional academic myself, I enthusiastically endorse his inspiring vision and critical analyses.”

Jaye Calhoun

Jaye Calhoun
Kean Miller LLP
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute was such a fabulous experience for our daughter and I can’t recommend it enough!

We were hoping for a program where our daughter could improve her skills and learn something about Spanish art and art history but this program turned out to be all that so much more.

Our daughter Laney was afforded the opportunity to improve her technique by direct study of the works of the great masters and she brought home some impressive work inspired by the great art she was exposed to on a daily basis.

Also, I can’t say enough about how talented the teachers were as well. They are all accomplished artists and very skilled at bringing out the best in young people and nurturing their talents.

Of particular importance to us, they were also very good at keeping us in the loop. We really enjoyed the daily photo communications showing our young artist’s adventures and progress in incomparably beautiful museum settings.

Simply put, we were blown away by the depth of the program and how much they managed to teach our daughter in a few weeks.

She had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we are so glad we found this program.”

Carla Hendra

Jaye Calhoun
Vice president, Ogilvy Group
President Ogilvy Consulting

“As we look at the world around us, one thing I am very sure of is that the world needs more creativity, more understanding of art and more support in these fields.

Starting this process with young lives is perhaps the greatest priority. I can see that with Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute, students will have a unique opportunity to foster their creativity, discover the greatest artists of Western Art at the Prado Museum and also enjoy one of Europe’s most vibrant capital cities, the fantastic city of Madrid. ”

Chituca Martín Vicente-Mazariegos

Chituca Martín
Business Woman

“As the mother of a student who attended a summer course organized by Nebrija Arts and Humanities Institute, I was very impressed by the practical and experiential methodology used to teach young people.

For example, the teachers take the students to the Prado Museum to draw, where they learn to look at and appreciate the works of the great masters through drawing. They also visit contemporary artists' studios and art galleries in Madrid. The treatment is exquisite, the organization very professional. It was a unique and enriching experience for my daughter and I recommend it without a doubt.”